Water & Wastewater Analysis

Burrant Chemical LLC provides analytical services and chemical producta to both the Water and Wastewater Industries.

Our analytical services department can provide the required analysis for the many industries and applications that you may be looking for. Our methods for analysis are from the EPA established table of approvevd procedures for water analysis.

We also provide an extensive list of chemicals for the process of water and waste water treatment.( Located on the right hand side, click on Chemical Products or Analytical Services.)


Water quality analysis and chemical products are provided to the industries below;


1. Manufacturing Plants- EPA pollutant discharge elimination system complient requirements

2. Petroleum- Fracking Wastewater Treatment and Disposal

3. Water & Wastewater Treatment Applications and Development

4. Well Water profiling

5. Boiler Water

Analytical Instrument News

ICP Metal Analysis

With the installation of a new ICP instrument from ThermoScientfic we can now increase our trace metal capability and sensitivity, ppb levels. We can analyze and profile trace metals found in drinking water, boiler water and wastewater for discharge. 


Project News-05/2017

Burrant Chemical signs formulation developmental project with Total M&S.

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