Metallization of Moulded Resin

Plating on Plastics


Burrant Chemical was tasked with developing a conductive coating on a polyester resin moulded parts. The companies objective was to replace the more costly parts that were machined from metal and subsequently electroplated with a finished metal; bronze, copper, nickel, chrome etc. 



In order to develop a conductive coating on a moulded resin Burrant Chemical developed 4 separate products. These prodcuts were developed as separate formulations when combined were part of a chemical process for metalizing the resin. This is termed a combinational process. Formulations combined in this way must be developed with there own objectives as well as considering the interaction of the subsequent chemical step in metallizing the resin.

Some of the criteria for the development process were;

  1. Adhesion of the base metal equivalent to a standard resin as measured by ASTM.
  2. No blistering or peeling of the initial conductive coating on the moulded resin.
  3. Conductivity of the coating for subsequent metallization by electroplating various metals; copper, nickel.
  4. Process applicable to various sizes of moulded parts.
  5. Cost of the chemical process must be viable at production levels.


Project News-05/2017

Burrant Chemical signs formulation developmental project with Total M&S.

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