Chemical Formulation Research & Development

Burrant Chemical LLC provides research and developmental services to many industries and a variety of companies. Our primary focus is on chemical formulation research and development.


Formulations consist of a single or multiple chemical compounds which when combined or alone provide a certain property or characteristic in their application.


The chemical formulation can be quite complex. Its ability to perform certain functions can be dependent on many variables both internal through the interaction of various chemical combinations and external in the application environment. In either case we have developed an understanding and process for developing chemical formulations to achieve the desired outcome.


Whether you are improving upon an existing formulation or looking to develop a new chemical formulation from inception Burrant Chemical can assist you in a successful process. We are able to provide our customers with innovative and next generation solutions to their chemical formulation problems.


Some of the companies we have worked with on developmental projects are;


Project News-05/2017

Burrant Chemical signs formulation developmental project with Total M&S.

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