Burrant Chemical LLC: Outstanding Experience

Burrant Chemical LLC was founded over 10 years ago to provide various industries and companies with a R&D and Analytical Service organization to meet their current and future demands.


Our Analytical Service division has provide both small and large companies with meeting their analysis compliance standards. We provide a range of analysis some of which are routine and others requiring a more in depth procedure. All of our analysis comply with the EPA and ASTM recommended methods.


Our R&D division has focused on chemical formulations and combinational chemistry. These chemical formulas rely on a single or multiple chemicals which when combined or alone can be applied to produce a desired outcome. 

All to often chemical formulation may fall short of expectations requiring improvement to meet a changing demand. The solution requires both an understanding of the existing chemistry as well as a wiilingness to think outside the constraints for an innovative solution. We at Burrant Chemical can provide the next generation to your existing or future chemical formulations.


We are "Helping to Formulate Your Future".

Project News-05/2017

Burrant Chemical signs formulation developmental project with Total M&S.

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